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BioELife Corp. announce that it is forming an advisory board of external experts from various specialties to assist the company in its strategic development of products that help to defend against virus, such as COVID-19, and bacteria contamination. As part of this initiative, the company also announced that a leading chemist, Susan Raffy, will join the new advisory board. Raffy was instrumental in the development of the company’s BioEDefense Hand Sanitizer, which exceeds the CDC requirements for ethyl alcohol, and is fortified with 50 mg per ounce of CBD. She will also assist in continuing research and development of additional products including the virus and bacteria fighting formulations in the BioEDefense line. “Times have changed, things are uncertain, and we all have to do our best to help,” says Gregory Rotelli, chairman of the board and president of BioELife. “Threats from viruses and bacteria are all around us. We are doing our best to rapidly develop and deploy products to market through our BioEDefense line. The addition of Susan Raffy to our new Advisory Board will greatly assist us in this all-out effort to help people. While our ‘seed to shelf’ approach provides the company with excellent control over its supply chain, disruptions are inevitable. We at BioELife pledge to minimize these disruptions and try to maintain our competitive price structure throughout the current crisis.”