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CBD Advanced Science announced the launch of CBD Validator, an independent, unbiased digital tool that rates CBD oils and tinctures based on source, price per dose, safety, quality, and manufacturer’s transparency. Developed by scientists and experts in hemp cultivation and CBD extraction, CBD Validator operates from a database of 1,300-plus CBD oil products based on its proprietary 50-point rating system. Consumers can access the tool from desktop or mobile devices for a convenient, go-to resource for CBD product information.

The rating system was based on the science surrounding CBD. A team reviewed hundreds of published reports relating to all aspects of CBD including clinical efficacy, safety, manufacturing, and growing conditions. Based on this comprehensive review of data, a rating system was created to evaluate CBD products. The team then analyzed the published website or label information of CBD products using this system, and every product was given a score from 1-50. Currently, CBD oils and tinctures are rated, with additional product categories to be included at a later date, and the rating system evaluates type of CBD used; extraction method; quality assurance; cost; and milligrams per dose.

Consumers first click on Validate Your CBD oil and a drop-down menu appears, then they can enter the company/product to be verified, and a Validator Report is instantly generated. It’s important to note that the CBD Validator site does not evaluate the science behind the CBD health claims, and the consumer maintains accountability to determine efficacy through personal, experiential research, or experience. “Given that only 8 percent of products tested by the FDA actually contain the amount of CBD claimed on labels, we were compelled to create CBD Validator, which provides a guide and rating system for consumers to make well-informed and confident choices when buying CBD products,” says Robert Portman, founder and CEO of CBD Advanced Science. “Considering the rapid growth of this market and that FDA studies and reports published in leading medical journals give a failing grade to many CBD products for sale, a consumer tool of this nature is absolutely necessary.”