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Meet Sam Dhatt, founder and CEO of DermaQuest. Here learn more about CBD Chronicles’ Product of the Week: CBD DermaQuest’s CBD Blue Light Defense SPF 30.

Impact CBD Chronicles: How long has your company been in the CBD market? 

Sam Dhatt: We proudly launched CBD DermaQuest, the newest member of the DermaQuest family, in November of 2019 after more than a year of research, product formulating, and thorough testing of each product.

ICC: What dosage of CBD is included in the CBD Blue Light Defense SPF 30? 

SD: 50 mg 99 percent pure hemp-derived CBD isolate (THC-free) encapsulated in an enhanced delivery system to ensure three-times better product penetration

ICC: How should the product be used? 

SD:  In the morning after cleansing the skin and applying the appropriate serum(s), apply CBD Blue Light Defense SPF 30 to the face, neck, and décolleté (and, back of the neck, too, if skin is exposed). Follow with makeup or wear alone. It can be reapplied throughout the day if needed.

ICC: What results have clients achieved after using the product? 

SD: CBD Blue Light Defense SPF 30 with InfraGuard delivers safe, non-habit-forming benefits to compromised skin and helps enhance the properties that immediately defend the skin from UV, blue light, and free-radical damage. This antioxidant rich SPF 30 provides light hydration and powerful protection against the blue-light damage from constant exposure to handheld devices, computers, fluorescent lights, etc., through the use of InfraGuard and Lumicease, protecting the skin from pollution and the harmful rays from the sun.

ICC: What other active ingredients does DermaQuest pair with CBD to achieve desired outcomes?  

SD: At DermaQuest, we pair active and supporting ingredients to achieve rapid and reliable results, and CBD DermaQuest is no exception to this principle. We use powerful Ayurvedic herbs like Wagandyswhich helps to protect and support a healthy skin barrier; active ingredients such as Aqua Cell to improve skin hydration and density; and BV-OSC (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate), which is a potent form of vitamin C, to fight free-radical damage and double the skin’s collagen production, all while supporting advanced UV protection. Not to mention, we also incorporate antioxidant-rich (argan plant stem cells, vitamins C and E), anti-inflammatory (MSM, turmeric, lavender), and restorative ingredients (organic almond, olive, and jojoba oilsthat support the overall health of the skin. The blend or recipe of actives and supporting ingredients in CBD DermaQuest work synergistically to provide a stronger, healthier skin barrier.

The CBD Blue Light Defense SPF 30 retails on the CBD DermaQuest website for $65.00. Get yours here.