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Meet Janet Schriever, founder of Code of Harmony. Here, learn more about CBD Chronicles’ CBD Product of the Week: Code of Harmony Virgin Skin Youth Serum.

Impact CBD Chronicles: How long have you been in the CBD market?

Janet Schriever: We had a soft launch in July of 2016 and an official launch at Indie Beauty Expo in January 2017.


ICC: What dosage of CBD is included in Code of Harmony Virgin Skin Youth Serum?

JS: 60mg in 30ml bottle

ICC: How should the product be used?

JS: Virgin Skin Youth Serum is a hydrating facial serum that is focused on achieving calm, firm, and clear skin. Apply this nutritive serum after cleansing for skin soothing, hydration, firming, and brightening activity. This product works very well on acne-prone and stressed skin to calm and even skintone.

ICC: What results have clients achieved after using Virgin Skin Youth Serum?

JS: Clients have seen more clear, hydrated, and healthy skin with improved skin texture and tone. Virgin Skin helps acne-prone skin keep calm and under control without drying out or depleting the skin barrier. The results have ranged from giving aging skin a youthful glow, clarity, and improved skin texture to providing control and comfort for stressed-out skin conditions.

ICC: What other active ingredients does Code of Harmony pair with CBD to achieve the desired outcome?

JS: Virgin Skin Youth Serum uses CBD in a sea kelp bioferment base (moisture and nutrients) with niacinamide (calming and brightening), tremella mushroom extract (hydration), centella Asiatica/algae/pullulan (firming and calming), licorice (calming and brightening), and green tea (antioxidant). We use a variety of active botanicals, and the other key point for us is that the products are very clean. By omitting other possible irritants, we believe that a better outcome for the skin is created.


The Virgin Skin Youth Serum retails on the Code of Harmony website for $52 for a 1oz bottle. Get yours here.