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Meet Ildi Pekar, founder of Ildi Pekar Skincare. Here learn more about CBD Chronicles’ Product of the Week: I Pekar’s Exfoliating Face Polish With CBD.


Impact CBD Chronicles: How long has your company been in the CBD market?

Ildi Pekar: Four years

ICC: What dosage of CBD is included in the product?

IP: 30mg

ICC: How should the Exfoliating Skin Polish With CBD be used?

IP: Dispense a dime-sized amount of finely ground face polish into the palm of your hands, add a small amount of water, rub your hands together, and create a foaming lather. Measure the dime-size amount with the help of an I Pekar gold spoon that is included with the product. Apply to the face using circular motions. For best results, leave the product on the skin for five minutes, then gently rinse off.

ICC: What results have clients achieved after using the Exfoliating Skin Polish With CBD?

IP: The skin is smoother and brighter. The complexion is clean with significantly fewer blackheads. It hydrates the skin, leaving it glowing and looking healthy. If the product is left on the face for a few minutes as a mask, clients experience tighter skin texture.

ICC: What other active ingredients does the product pair with CBD to achieve the desired outcome?

IP: Freshly ground flowers, such as helichrysum and chamomile. Everlasting helichrysum flower is a great antioxidant that keeps the skin smooth and helps to prevent and brighten age spots. Chamomile is a great calming and anti-inflammatory ingredient. 

Exfoliating Skin Polish With CBD retails at Ildi Pekar Skin Care in New York City and on the Ildi Pekar website for $69. Get yours here.