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Meet Jeremy Lowenstein, chief marketing officer of Kopari. Here, learn more about CBD Chronicles’ Product of the Week: Kopari’s CBD Extra Strength Deodorant.


Impact CBD Chronicles: How long has your company been in the CBD market?

Jeremy Lowenstein: Kopari’s Coconut CBD Line launched on January 1, 2020. 

ICC: What dosage of CBD is included in the product?

JL: Kopari’s CBD Extra Strength Deodorant contains 15mg of CBD.  

ICC: How should the product be used?

JL: This extra strength invisible formula delivers coconut oil and 15mg of CBD to help combat odor. A unique blend of coconut water and sage oil conditions and soothes even the most sensitive underarms. This deodorant is perfect for those who are always on the go, working outdoors, or have an active lifestyle. 

ICC: What results have clients achieved after using Kopari’s CBD Extra Strength Deodorant?

JL: The consumer reviews are in and include the following two five-star reviews:

“After I get out of shower I roll on the new CBD Extra Strength Deodorant on my underarms. Smells so nice. Thanks Kopari!”

“I love this, thank you! Definitely for either gender. Smells good and works great!”

ICC: What other active ingredients does the product pair with CBD to achieve the desired outcome?

JL: Coconut. After learning that coconut oil’s high concentration of fatty acids serves as an incredible binding agent and delivery system for CBD, which makes it easier for the CBD to absorb into the skin, Kopari saw an opportunity to create a dynamic duo powerhouse that delivers a one-two knockout using full-spectrum CBD powder and 100 percent organic coconut.


Kopari’s CBD Extra Strength Deodorant retails at Ulta stores nationwide,, and for $18. Get yours here.