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Meet Samuel Carter, cofounder of Trove. Here, learn more about CBD Chronicles’ CBD Product of the Week: Trove CBD Body Balm 750.

Impact CBD Chronicles:

How long has Trove been in the CBD market?

Samuel Carter: The official launch date was August 28, 2018.

ICC: What dosage of CBD is included in Trove CBD Body Balm 750?

SC: 750mg of CBD per 1.7oz jar (50 grams), 15 mg CBD per gram

ICC: How should Trove CBD Body Balm 750 be used?

SC: Apply topically as needed to sore or injured areas every four to six hours, as needed.

ICC: What results have clients achieved after using Trove CBD Body Balm 750?

SC: This product addresses soreness, quenches free radicals, and nurtures the skin. Unlike many topical products, this balm readily absorbs into the skin and won’t leave it feeling greasy or uncomfortable. The high concentration of CBD provides powerful and instant relief.

ICC: What other active ingredients does Trove pair with CBD to achieve the desired outcome?

SC: Trove CBD Body Balm 750 has a premium lotion base combined with a unique formulation of arnica butter and vitamin E, with scent variations including essential oil of peppermint and matcha green tea or essential oil of lavender.

CBD Body Balm 750 retails on the Trove website for $75. Get yours here.