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Meet Casey Georgeson, founder of Saint Jane. Here, get to know Georgeson and discover Impact CBD Chronicles’ CBD Product of the Week: Saint Jane’s Luxury Beauty Serum.

Impact CBD ChroniclesHow long has your company been on the CBD market?

Casey Georgeson: Saint Jane launched in January of 2019.

ICCWhat dosage of CBD is included in the Luxury Beauty Serum?

CG: Our Luxury Beauty Serum has 500mg of full-spectrum CBD. We use full-spectrum extract in our products because it delivers CBD plus additional whole-plant nutrients. We believe the cannabinoids work together to deliver beautiful results.

ICC: How should the Luxury Beauty Serum be used?

CGThe Luxury Beauty Serum can be used day and night. We recommend users apply a half-to-full dropper of the serum to a clean, dry face. Follow the application with your favorite moisturizer if you’d like, though many users find the serum to be an excellent moisturizer on its own. 

ICCWhat results have clients achieved after using the Luxury Beauty Serum?

CG:The Luxury Beauty Serum has been proven to reduce redness and calm skin irritation, soothe and help balance problematic skin, and nourish the skin without clogging pores, as CBD is non-comedogenic.

ICC: What other active ingredients does Saint Jane pair with CBD to achieve desired outcomes?

CG: What really makes Saint Jane products special is that we thoughtfully pair CBD with other potent botanicals to help increase product effectiveness for maximum soothing and anti-aging benefits. For example, grapeseed oil works well with CBD because it aids in absorption. Sea buckthorn oil pairs well with CBD to aid in resurfacing the skin, especially for those who suffer from discoloration.

The Luxury Beauty Serum retails on the Saint Jane Beauty website for $125. Get yours here.