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Golden Gate University is offering one of the first university-level courses in California to give students a view into the growing cannabis industry, exploring it through the lens of business owners, employees, regulators, lawyers, consumers, and members of affected communities. The business course, “Cannabis: Commerce, Culture, and Compliance,” will run from March 7 to April 25 and is open to both undergraduate GGU students and the general public. It will be taught by Tiffany Conklin-Lichtig, co-founder at California Cannabis Advisors. The first class of the course on March 7 also serves as a seminar, “Cannabis 101: History, Uses, Culture,” and is open to the public for $20. Meanwhile, GGU is hosting a cannabis-related seminar, “Dissolving Cannabis Banking Barriers with Cryptocurrency,” on February 10. “The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding in the Bay Area, but the legal, financial, and cultural aspects of the industry are unique and challenging,” says Marc Singer, Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies. “Our hope is that courses like this can give people a better grasp of what is going on, as well as moving toward quality and safety standards for the industry and the community.”

The new course will focus on an overview of the plant’s history and uses, both for medical and recreational purposes. Students will learn about the expansion of the industry and job growth in production, licensing, marketing, and distribution. It will also discuss the plant’s uses to help remedy pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, and other physical symptoms.