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HEMPAVIDA, a new innovative wellness and skincare lifestyle brand, launched its first CBD Hemp + Wellness collection, Wellness by HEMPAVIDA, at Art Basel in Miami. HEMPAVIDA’s symptom-specific wellness products are blended with other powerful natural ingredients to target ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, mood stability, arthritis, joint mobility, pain, attention, memory, sleeplessness, social angst, and overall wellbeing. “It’s not just the mg dosage that makes a hemp CBD-related product effective,” says Kelly Yocum, CEO of HEMPAVIDA. “Blending the right natural ingredients to target specific symptoms is a highly effective way to dip your toe into the CBD world and ensure you are using it properly to treat your ailments.”

Dream by HEMPAVIDA is a powerful natural sleep aid is made from a proprietary blend that helps with sleeplessness, insomnia, and correct irregular sleep patterns. It works to help insomniacs fall into a deep sleep and wake up well-rested.

Chill by HEMPAVIDA is an effective stress-reliever designed to naturally alleviate anxiety, stabilize mood swings, relax social situations, and promote happiness and an overall better mood without drowsiness or fatigue side effects.

Focus by HEMPAVIDA is a brain booster to help improve cognitive function, memory, focus, clarity, and attention.

Restore by HEMPAVIDA is a blend of natural ingredients designed to improve cartilage health by reducing pain, increasing joint mobility, alleviating inflammation, and is used to ease arthritis symptoms.