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Due to the success and increasing demand of hemp ingredients, Lessonia expanded its new hemp-based skincare range by offering hemp cosmetic ingredients. The CBD offered by Lessonia is extracted from cannabis sativa’s stems, authorized for industrial applications. Completely THC-free, these ingredients comply with European and the U.S.’s cosmetic regulations:

  • CBD purified: 100 percent natural without any THC content.
  • CBD oil: 100 percent natural and 99 percent organic without THC content.

Lessonia also designed other hemp ingredients such as:

  • Hemp water: This is obtained by the same process as essential oils, by water-steam distillation. It is a perfect ingredient to substitute water in cosmetic formulation to soothe the skin.
  • Hemp oil: This cold-pressed oil consists 100 percent from hemp seeds cultivated in France.
  • Hemp exfoliator: This is 100 percent natural and is a great ingredient to reveal smoother skin.