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According to Pamela Orth, director of business development and partner of WholeMade Bath Co, a lot of natural products are created out of necessity. She says this from experience, as the handcrafted hemp bath and bodycare company she oversees was born out of need. WholeMade was created by Elissa and Jerell Klaver in 2004 after their family suffered a great tragedy. Looking to ground and center themselves again, the couple began searching for a project they could launch here in the U.S. that would not only build people up, but also help the local economy. The duo launched Salus, a natural bath and bodycare company, in their home state of Colorado. After opening their brick-and-mortar store as well as their online platform, Salus began reaching consumers and professionals across the globe. In 2017, the pair decided to take their business to the next level and launched WholeMade, a new, premiere family brand of products that combined their knowledge in personal care with the benefits of pure full-spectrum hemp extract.

Here, get to know more about WholeMade Bath Co, how it got its start, what sets these products apart from other products in the saturated CBD market, and what is next for the brand live from the inaugural American Spa CBD Summit.


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