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Serenity Wellness Spa (San Francisco) now includes a CBD Integrative Massage ($145, 50 minutes; $170, 70 minutes; $195, 90 minutes) on its menu of services. This integrative massage blends Swedish and deep tissue techniques while incorporating a CBD therapeutic balm. The spa uses a 1-ounce jar of CBD balm from Alana Botanics that contains 250 mg of phytocannabinoids. Typically, the CBD balm will be applied to the areas of tightness or soreness. Alana Botanics is co-founded by Serenity Wellness Spa’s Sharon Vendle, who believes that CBD-based products and treatments can be beneficial for clients of all ages. “Whether you’re a young athlete wanting to relieve sore muscles, a parent keeping the calm in a busy lifestyle, or a senior needing to alleviate the pains of arthritis, CBD can bring benefits to anybody and everybody,” she says. “At Alana Botanics, we are striving to help people, no matter how young or old, live their best lives by providing high-quality and effective CBD products. In fact, both my co-founder and I are turning 50 this year, and we can attest to the use of our products for the aches and pains that come as we get older.”