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When Deborah Carter’s beloved palomino, Star, developed a sudden neuromuscular condition, the Carter family desperately searched for a diagnosis and cure. The severe, uncontrollable muscle spasms also stumped veterinarians, and Carter feared euthanizing Star was the only option. Resorting to internet anecdotes, Carter tried oral CBD. The results were almost immediate, and Star’s condition improved. Two years later, Star shows almost no signs of her mysterious condition, with a little CBD help. Her miracle recovery resulted in Trove, an upscale CBD company that offers products for people, dogs, cats, and horses.

Founded by Deborah Carter and her son, Samuel, Trove aims to educate consumers about CBD and its use as an alternative for improved well-being. Deborah’s past work for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), combined with her love for animals, led to Trove’s diverse array of products for humans, as well as canine, feline, and equine CBD products. Prior to joining his mother’s work on Trove, Samuel worked as a project manager for a civil construction company, supervising projects that are now an integral part of the Denver Metro infrastructure. He brought his project management experience to Trove, alongside his love for animals. Samuel’s inspiration also stems from his active lifestyle, something he appreciates after suffering a broken pelvis and torn ACL and meniscus during his time on the Loyola Marymount University Ski Team. 

“In the recovery process, I found that traditional narcotic pain medication doesn’t agree with me,” says Samuel. “In the decade since, I’ve pursued natural alternatives to pain management and general wellness. My injury history led me to CBD, and then the experience with Star led Deborah and me to Trove. We founded Trove on quality ingredients, a wonderful user experience, lab standards, and transparency. Thus, unlike many other CBD products on the market, Trove products taste delicious, smell heavenly, feel luxurious and, most importantly, work.“

After Star’s success story, the Carters were inspired to create the effective and transparent brand. All Trove products are THC-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegetarian, and contain CBD extracted from organically grown U.S. hemp. Third-party laboratory tests are conducted on every batch of CBD for potency, purity, and quality. Additionally, all contents and concentrations for each product are listed on the Trove website.

With a wide array of products for people, dogs, cats, and horses, Trove provides CBD products that can benefit both humans and their four-legged friends.